Skin Analysis

Aging Skin

Flaccid Aging

Causes of aging for Mature Skin

  • Age, declining levels of hormone secretion resulting in inadequate growth of collagen layer.
  • Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet ray, destroying the synthesis of collagen.
  • Unable to remove the old and keratinized layer of skin due to reduced blood circulation and metabolic rate.

Characteristics of Skin

  • Dry epidermis and appearance of wrinkles and expression lines around eyes and lips area.
  • Skin loses its elasticity and sagging appearance at cheeks, eyelids and lower jaw.
  • Skin looks dull and lacklustre with spots.

Treatment 1

Cell Rejuvenating & Wrinkle Repairing Treatment

RM 149.00

120 Minutes

Treatment 2

Face Lifting & Glowing Skin Treatment

RM 169.00

140 Minutes

4-step “Beautifying skin and Anti-Aging”

Purifying Milky Lotion
Amino Facial Wash

4-step “Beautifying skin and Anti-Aging”

Rose Toner

4-step “Beautifying skin and Anti-Aging”

Oxygen Gel
Anti Aging Cream
Deep Moisturising Cream

4-step “Beautifying skin and Anti-Aging”

Anti Wrinkles Cream
Bio Mask