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In the 90s, the Malaysian beauty scene was in its infancy stage, where most beauty salons were small private businesses that served their individual pool of customers. In 1994, Mr. and Mrs. Low started their first beauty salon on the second floor of a shop-house in Kuala Lumpur. It was a small sized beauty salon measuring just 200 square feet, but that place marked as the beginning of the couple's efforts in establishing their business in the beauty industry. They worked hard and treated each person who walked through their doors be it customers, colleagues, friends, or suppliers, with respect and sincerity. Within a year, their business grew steadily and the beauty salon expanded.

In 1997, in addition to operating their own beauty salon, the couple started to carry some brands of beauty products. They travelled round the country encouraging beauty centers to join them under their umbrella. After three years of gathering much support from various industry players, the brand of “Herbaline” was officially launched in 2000.

With many years of experience in the beauty industry, the Low couple came to the realization that to establish a strong beauty brand, one need to overcome the challenge of operating several beauty salons at the same time. That is including to provide training and setting the right attitude and mindset in the business, and to lead all stakeholders who have gathered under the group towards success. After sowing the seed of determination, Herbaline established 28 branches and more than 27 franchise outlets across Malaysia and Brunei.

In 2005, many beauty brands started to establish chain of outlet stores. The Low travelled often overseas, to observe and learn about the beauty industries in foreign countries. In 2006, market challenges drove the couple to a restructuring process, aimed at moving the group towards a trendier, modern spa concept. The decision was a wise one as the brand grew strength and thus began the journey towards becoming one of the strongest players of the beauty industry.

"Run your business with sincerity and the best of your efforts, while not always asking for the returns." This has been the Low's personal motto in facing the challenges of building their business in the last decade.

Malaysia's renowned beauty brand Herbaline invites those who share the same philosophy to join their group. “Let's join hands in working towards a bright future in the beauty business”.