4th July 2016

Stay for a pampering

As markets evolve, so must companies. It’s no surprise that Herbaline is now moving beyond offering just facial spa treatments, and setting up its own F&B and hospitality arms.

SIXTEEN years after its establishment, Herbaline has become well-known for its facial spa treatments. But now, a new chapter has begun on the company’s story.

As consumer needs change with the time, Herbaline is adapting by diversifying its business. It has ventured into the food and beverage (F&B) segment with the Mama Kim Sauna Mee Cafe chain and, more recently, moved into the hospitality field with its very first SoJourn Guest House.
Mr. Gary Sho, Senior Sales and Marketing Manager, says the expansion of the company’s portfolio has always been in the timeline.

“Since the inception of the brand, the management has always had the intention of integrating various services to make Herbaline a one-stop solution for holistic wellness.

“Our headquarters are located at Kota Kemuning. Herbaline Beauty Square is one of our first steps towards achieving this,” he explains.

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