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In the strain of modern living, women face various conditions of stress and burden. Herbaline has always maintained a business philosophy of providing “burden-free” spending and service to customers.

We take pride in understanding your needs, helping you stay stress-free and beautiful inside out.

In addition to professional facial treatments, Herbaline provides a range of complimentary value-added services that ensure complete pampering:

natural sea salt foot spa

Natural sea salt foot spa with warm water fully relaxes peripheral nerves. Sea salt not only helps to remove dead skin, it also has deep clarifying and antiseptic properties.


Aromatherapy via facial steaming where natural plant aromas puts you at ease with every breath while helping the rejuvenation and regeneration of cells. A refreshed you is a beautiful you.

lemongrass tea

Lemongrass is a tropical plant with a distinct fragrance. In addition to being a refreshing drink with a lemony taste, it is high in vitamin C which nourishes the body, giving skin a healthy beautiful glow.

relaxing fish foot spa

Enjoy a massage and some recreation by sitting with our schools of tiny fishes. Allow the little fish "doctors" to remove the dead skin on your feet, ensuring a head-to-toe rejuvenation.