Fleurgie Whitening Cream


This cream repairs and strengthens skin cells. It also whitens the skin, reduces melanocytes and boosts collagen synthesis.

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Buddleja Davidii Extract
Protects the DNA in skin cells, forming a protective layer to shield against the damaged from UVB rays which prevents oxidation, inhibits sun damage and it is anti-inflammatory.

Cymbidium Extract
Prevents freckles and age spots from sun damage, effectively suppresses and minimizes melanin.


Purifies and detoxes: prevents sun-related free radicals and inflammation, moisturizes the skin and inhibits photoaging.

Repairs and whitens: repairs the skin cell DNA, prevents damage from UVB rays.

Expels darkness for fairness: promotes collagen synthesis, minimizes melanocytes, skin becomes fair and supple.


Detoxifies, cleanses and repairs the skin from the inside out. Delivering the whitening agents into the skin to enhance the skin’s resistance power and maintain a healthy and bright complexion.