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  • Hereditary excessive sebaceous secretions.
  • Bacterial growth in the clogged oily pores.
  • Hormonal changes during adolescence.
  • Stress and irregular lifestyle.

Dead Cells Removal and Moisturising Treatment

RM 90.10*

Duration : 90 minutes
*The total price includes GST

Pimple Skin and Scar Shallow Treatment

RM 126.10*

Duration : 120 minutes
*The total price includes GST

4-step “beautifying and pimple removaL”

Thoroughly dissolves the oily dirt inside the pores and soothes the skin by double layer skin cleansing.

Suitable products :

1. Purifying Milky Lotion

2. Aloe Vera Facia Wash

3. Blackhead Removal Cream

Regulates the skin pH to achieve the pH 5.5 optimum level by balancing the cellular moisture of skin to improve the absorption, antibacterial and antiseptic function of the skin.

1. Soothing Toner

Enhances the resistance and antiseptic function of the skin; nourishes epidermis and prevents the excessive secretion of sebum.

1. Deep Moisturizing Cream

2. Aloe Vera Gel

Lightening melanin deposits by Nano-deep dispersing to fade off pigments, and providing herbal extracts to repair and restore radiance and glowing skin.

1. Freckles Cream

2. Pimples Cream