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  • As side effects of skin treatment by Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA).
  • Inherent thin skin coupled with environmental pollution, stress and irregular lifestyle.
  • Cosmetic ingredients, such as alcohol or over-scrubbing of skin.
  • Skin appears reddish, moist and hot.
  • Broken capillaries at the cheeks and flaking or scaling skin.
  • Redness caused by drastic reaction to external changes due to thin skin tissue.

Cell Rejuvenating & Wrinkle Repairing Treatment

RM 148.00

Duration : 120 minutes

4-step “Skin Lightening”

Thoroughly dissolves the oily dirt inside the pores and soothes the skin by double layer skin cleansing.

Suitable products :

1. Purifying Milky Lotion

Regulates the skin pH to achieve the pH 5.5 optimum level by balancing the cellular moisture of skin to improve the moisture absorption, antibacterial and antiseptic function of the skin.

1. Rose Toner

Enhances the absorption of cells by active oxygen particles and desensitizing function of the skin through Nano deep nourishing.

1. Aloe Vera Gel

2. Deep Moisturising Cream

Soothes and calms the redness of skin by natural organic ingredients, repairs sensitive and infected skin with organic herbal extracts to prevent flaking skin.

1. Anti Sensitive Ampoule

2. Vitamin C + E Essentials Oil