About Us

HerbaLine’s principal business activities is offering skincare consultancy advisory, skin care treatment, provision of personal beauty facial spa and sale of personal skin care products.

HerbaLine Facial Spa essentially a facial centre which operates in a spa-looking environment. Consumers are offered facials or body massage treatments — complemented by value-added services such as sea salt foot bath, fish spa therapy, detox lemongrass that ensures complete pampering from inside out. The outlet’s ambience and added-value spa services are meant to evoke feelings of wellness for a beautifully-rejuvenated experience.

To date, the company owns 29 HerbaLine Facial Spa outlets and 26 dealers’ outlets that carry HerbaLine Facial Spa brand name. We always maintain a business philosophy of providing “burden-free” spending and service to customers.


To become a credible and outstanding 1st of its kind facial spa brand in Malaysia: offering the most comfortable and well-thought host of spa-related services, the most natural and effective products, all presented at the most reasonable price.


Enable our customers to get the most natural beauty, embrace confidence in their daily living; Enable our colleagues in the company to find a long-term stable work, full of opportunities for career promotion; enable our partners and associates to grow with long-term stability.