Herbaline products use natural plant extracts, innovatively put through extensive and technologically advanced research and development, resulting in products that do not contain harmful chemicals and are gentle to the skin.

Herbaline products are also light and non-greasy, designed to provide a stress-free, natural, smooth and refreshing finish to the skin.


The Herbaline beauty Spa Centre features an Asian tropical theme with soothing colors, comfortable temperature and relaxing music.

It is designed to help customers to feel at ease and relaxed so they can fully benefit from their skin pampering rejuvenation treatments.


Herbaline is the pioneer of single beauty spa treatments, which does not impose customers with the burden or commitment of a treatment package.

By providing a transparent and upfront products, services and menu, we provide every valued customer the freedom to choose their treatment each time, and to return to us if they are satisfied with our services.